When will 12th bipartite settlement come into force?

The 12th Bipartite settlement has been pending for the last 240 days. The 11th bipartite settlement(11th BPS) was signed on 11/11/2020 and is effective from 01/11/2017 to 31/10/2022. In the 11th Bipartite settlement, the bank employees got a 15% increase in salary along with a performance-linked incentive scheme over and above the salary.

The 12th Bipartite Wage settlement is pending and due from 01/11/22. The Charter of Demands was submitted to IBA on 21/10/22 and since then continuous talks are being held. All the latest updates about 12 bipartite settlements will be discussed here.

Some of the Pending issues of 11th bipartite wage settlement which are being discussed are:

  • Implementation of 5-day banking.
  • Stagnation increment fitment as per 11th Bipartite Settlement
  • Pension updation of old retirees.
  • One option of pension for resignees.
  • To change the base year for dearness allowance from 1960 to 2016
  • To base staff welfare fund on operational profit as against 3% of net profit at present.
  • To reduce mediclaim premiums for retirees.
  • To make branch and cash timings uniform across all bank branches.
  • Fitment for Ex-serviceman
  • To increase allowances for bank staff working in disturbed area like Jammu & Kashmir.

Due Date
Actual DateImplemented
1st Bipartite settlement1.01.196619.10.19669 months
2nd Bipartite settlement1.01.197012.10.19709 months
3rd Bipartite settlement1.09.19781.08.197911 months
4th Bipartite settlement1.09.198217.09.198424 months
5th Bipartite settlement1.07.198710.04.198921 months
6th Bipartite settlement1.11.199214.02.199528 months
7th Bipartite settlement1.11.199727.03.200029 months
8th Bipartite settlement1.11.200202.06.200532 months
9th Bipartite settlement1.11.200727.04.201030 months
10th Bipartite settlement1.11.201225.05.201530 months
11th Bipartite settlement1.11.201711.11.202036 months
12th Bipartite settlement1.11.2022????

Charter of Demands PDF

12th bipartite settlement discussion with IBA on 21/06/2023

As per the circular released by AIBEA these were the latest developments on 12th bipartite settlements:

UFBU Meeting

  • A meeting of the UFBU was held yesterday in Mumbai preceding the meeting with the IBA. All the constituent unions were present.
  • The meeting discussed the important issues which are pending resolution viz. introduction of 5 banking days per week, updation of pension, restoration of old pension scheme for employees/officers who joined
  • the Banks after 1-4-2010, the commencement of negotiations on our charter of demands for next wage revision settlement/Joint Note, need for adequate recruitment of clerical staff, sub staff, and part-time employees.
  • The opinion emerged in the meeting that since there is a delay over these issues being resolved and IBA not taking serious efforts, we should take a decision for agitational programs.
  • However, it was felt that the decision can be taken in the next meeting in view of the slated discussions with the IBA in the afternoon and looking to the response of the IBA during the discussion.

Discussions with IBA

  • In the afternoon, as scheduled, there were discussions between IBA and UFBU on various issues.

Medical Insurance Scheme:

  • Regarding the medical insurance scheme, in continuation of our letter to IBA, we submitted our suggestions in detail like clubbing the policies of in-service employees and retirees, working out a base policy with defined risk coverage, graded bed charges, the cap on reimbursement for certain specified treatments like a cataract operation, old age ailments, etc, and premium for this base policy to be borne by the Banks and further Top Up schemes on an optional basis for which the additional premium will be paid by the retirees, a method to avoid GST on the premium, etc.
  • IBA assured to examine these suggestions.
  • IBA suggested that in order to involve more insurance companies/bidders which will result in their quoting more favorable premium rates, we may consider working out a uniform policy for the retirees along with a uniform policy for the in-service employees, and the quotations may be obtained at each Bank level or alternatively reimbursement of hospitalization expenses by the management instead of taking a policy cover.
  • We have informed that these issues require further discussions before taking a decision. IBA informed that they would further discuss among themselves.


  • We brought to the attention of the IBA about the problems faced by employees, officers and retirees with some of the TPAs whose services are not satisfactory.
  • We informed the IBA that while finalizing the Policy with the Insurance Company, these problems should be properly addressed. Regarding complaints that TPAs are again and again asking for original bills even after the same is already submitted to them.
  • IBA agreed to evolve a separate system in the HRMS where the original bills can be uploaded online and authorized by the Managers.

5 Banking Days per week :

  • We informed the IBA there seems to be no development with regard to our demand for the introduction of 5 banking days per week after the mutual discussions held on 28-2-2023 and there is growing anxiety amongst the rank-and-file over the delay in resolving this important issue.
  • IBA assured that the matter is receiving their best attention and the same is very much in the process.
  • We conveyed our dissatisfaction over the delay and that it is difficult to keep further patience in this regard.

Updation of Pension and improvement in Pension Scheme:

  • We raised the issue of updation of pension and also referred to the Committee set up the Government in regard to various pension-related issues in SBI.
  • IBA informed that they are quite seized of the matter and to discuss the issue further. We also took up the issue of DA neutralization on pension for pre-November, 2002 retirees and emphasized that this issue also needs to be resolved amicably.

Charter of Demands for 12th BP Wage Revision:

  • We informed the IBA that despite the assurances during the conciliation meeting and subsequent discussions with IBA.
  • IBA has not commenced the negotiations on our Charter of Demands and the delay is a matter of concern to us. After discussion, IBA indicated that the negotiations may commence by mid July, 2023.

Adequate Recruitments in Banks:

  • We pointed out that there is acute shortage of staff in clerical, susbtaff and part-time cadres which is resulting in heavy workload on the staff, pressure on the officers, deficiencies in customer services, etc. and hence Banks should resort to adequate recruitments.
  • IBA stated that recruitments is a bank-level issue and hence IBA has no role in the matter. We did not agree with the IBA. Further developments will be informed in due course. It has also been
  • decided to hold the next meeting of the UFBU at the earliest to decide further on these issues.

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