What are the benefits of an Alaska airlines credit card?

What are the benefits of an Alaska airlines credit card?

Apart from the signup bonus, priority boarding, free checked bag, and 20% rebate on eligible in-flight purchases, one of the best benefits of an Alaska airlines credit card is a companion fare discount when booked on the same reservation.

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The Alaska Airlines Visa credit card offers a lot of value to frequent fliers. Below are the few major benefits of the Alaska Airlines credit card:

Companion Fare

When you sign up for the Alaska Airlines Visa credit card, you can get an annual companion fare, which is equivalent to a round-trip economy ticket, on your anniversary if you spend $6,000 in the previous year. This perk can be used on a variety of the airline’s expensive trips. This trip can cost you around $122($99 plus taxes and fees which start from $23).

For instance, if you booked an Alaska Airlines flight for two people, if the cost of the ticket is $1,200 with fees and taxes included then you will have to pay $1200 for your ticket but only $122 for your partner. With the companion fare, you could save almost $1080 on your partner’s ticket.

You can redeem this perk by going to your Alaska Airlines account and clicking on the “Apply for a Reward” button. Then, you will be able to enter your companion fare code and book the trip.

Sign-up bonus

The Alaska Airlines Visa credit card offers a great sign-up bonus. With this deal, you can get 70,000 bonus miles if you qualify for the offer which is quite easy. You just have to spend $3,000 in the first 90 days of opening your account.

Although both these offers are tempting you can not use both the offers in the first year. You have to select one of the offers as they can not be combined because if you use the companion fare you will need to pay for the tickets with cash and not miles.

Priority boarding

With the new priority boarding system for Alaska Airlines Visa credit card members, they will no longer have to worry about having enough space in the overhead bin as customers of the Alaska Airlines credit card members will get priority boarding.

It is small things like these that make a customer happy and Alaska airlines credit card has not left any chance to satisfy its customers.

Free checked bag

Most co-branded credit cards from airlines provide free checked bags for their customers. The Alaska Airlines credit card allows you to check one bag for yourself and up to six people in the same reservation when you use the card for booking the tickets. This benefit can also be used on flights with other airlines such as Horizon Air, PenAir, and SkyWest.

20% rebate on eligible in-flight purchases

This card gives you a 20% rebate on all purchases made in-flight, including wifi cost, food and beverages. This could mean that the cheese and fruit dish on Alaska’s menu would be almost two dollars cheaper after the credits hit your account. The rebates are deposited within seven days of the purchase.

Earn up to 3 miles per $1

The Alaska Airlines Credit Card earns:

3 miles per $1 on eligible Alaska Airlines purchases

2 miles per $1 on eligible gas, cable, streaming services, and local transit purchases

1 mile per $1 on other purchases

This card has various perks, and it’s easy to earn miles quickly since it has multiple bonus categories. One of the most striking features of this card is that it offers double miles on certain everyday purchases.

Pros & cons of Alaska airlines credit card

Free checked bagRequires an excellent credit score.
Companion benefitHas a small annual fees.
Priority boardingRewards can not be used at multiple places.
Pros & cons of Alaska airlines credit card

What credit score do I need for an Alaska airlines credit card?

The minimum credit score that people need to get approved for an Alaska Airlines credit card is 700. This means that people with good credit can apply for the card.

Although your credit score is important, other factors such as your income and the number of open accounts are also taken into account to see if you’re a good candidate for the Alaska Airlines credit card.

If you’re an excellent candidate for the credit card, you might be approved for a lower score in some cases. However, it’s important to wait until you’re able to meet the requirements of the Alaska Airlines credit card before applying. You can check your score free of charge through WalletHub.

What credit bureau does Alaska airlines credit card use?

You should have a FICO score of atleast 670 to get the Alaska Airlines credit card. Ideally, you should have around 700.

Although your score is important in the process, Bank of America also looks into other factors such as your income and credit utilization ratio.

How to get approved for Alaska airlines credit card?(How to apply for Alaska airlines credit card)

You can apply for the Alaska airlines credit card on the official website of Bank Of America from here. After satisfying all the due diligence on their part they will approve your application for Alaska airlines credit card.

Is there an annual fee for Alaska airlines credit card?

Yes there is an annual fees of $95 for the card.

Introductory APRStandard APRAnnual FeeBalance Transfer Fee
None19.49% – 27.49%$953% of each transaction

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Can you add someone to your Alaska airlines credit card?

When you get an Alaska Airlines credit card, you can add another person (like your partner) to use the card too. This is called an “authorized user.” Usually, adding an authorized user costs money, but with this card, it’s free.

Adding your partner to the card can be helpful because it means you can both use the card to buy things and earn rewards. Plus, it can help you reach the spending requirement (the amount of money you need to spend in order to get a bonus or reward) faster.

What are the Security & Features of Alaska airlines credit card?

This credit card has features to help you:

  • Staying safe from fraudulent activities on your card is crucial, and banks will notify you in case of any suspicious transactions so that you don’t have to bear the cost of unauthorized purchases.
  • Making payments has become more convenient than ever, as you can now simply tap your card instead of inserting it or entering a PIN.
  • To avoid any additional charges that you may incur by spending more than you have in your bank account, you can link your account to your credit card.
  • By accessing your statements online, you can contribute to saving the environment by reducing paper usage and also keep your personal information secure.
  • Using your phone to pay with your credit card has become an easy and popular option, whether you’re shopping in a store or making purchases on an app.
  • You can now perform a range of banking activities such as checking your balance and other transactions, online or through your phone.
  • To help you remember essential financial obligations like bill payments, you can opt-in to receive reminders and other notifications.
  • Knowing your credit score can help you make informed financial decisions in the future, which is why it’s recommended that you check it periodically.

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What is the annual fee for alaska airlines credit card?


Can I pay my Alaska airlines credit card online?

Yes, you can pay your Alaska airlines credit card bill online.

Does Alaska airlines credit card have travel insurance?

Through the Alaska Airlines Visa card, you can enjoy various travel perks, such as emergency assistance, lost luggage reimbursement, rental car insurance and baggage reimbursement. You can also check the card’s benefits guide for additional information.

Alaska airlines credit card benefits lounge access

Discounted lounge access: 50% off day passes for Alaska Airlines lounges.

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