Shalimar production share price target 2025(Back with a Bang??)

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In this article, we will talk in-depth about Shalimar Production share price target 2025, and 2030 by looking at the historical charts. I will take you through the steps and research by which we will come to a conclusion about where we can see Shalimar Production’s share price in the next few years. What is … Read more

What is the difference between equity shares and preference share?

Equity shares are often called ordinary shares, whereas preference shares receive more advantageous treatment when it comes to receiving dividends. Equity shareholders have voting rights on company matters, while preference shareholders can vote on issues that specifically impact them. A company has the option to issue two types of shares: equity shares and preference share … Read more

Stocks that pay dividends monthly in India(Top 50 stocks)

girl pointing towards Stocks that pay dividends monthly in India

No stocks pay a monthly dividend in India. Generally in India, dividends are paid quarterly and yearly. But there are a few stocks in India that pay very good dividends quarterly and yearly and which adds up to a good sum and some of these stocks have consistently delivered over the last few years. In … Read more

How to learn stock market and trading?(Easy way!)

You can learn stock market and trading through many books and online material available for free. You need not spend thousands of dollars to start learning trading and stock marktet. In this article we will discuss how to learn stock market and trading and other relevant questions. There are many good and free youtube creators … Read more