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What is Ecoterra Cryptocurrency? (Eco-friendly Gem Cryptocurrency)

Ecoterra cryptocurrency refers to the Ecoterra tokens that users can earn as rewards for recycling through the R2E system. These tokens hold value, can be staked for passive earnings, and are part of Ecoterra’s broader vision to promote recycling, incentivize users, and facilitate interactions between recycling and product companies through blockchain technology.

Girl pointing towards ecoterra cryptocurrency logo

To enhance transparency and streamline transactions, Ecoterra leverages blockchain technology. The use of blockchain ensures transparency in interactions between participants and allows for instant transactions without the need for intermediaries.

Additionally, the blockchain platform enables multiple forms of payment, including fiat money, stable coins like USDT, Bitcoin, and Ecoterra tokens. Companies opting to pay using Ecoterra tokens enjoy benefits such as lower transaction fees and the opportunity to stake their tokens.

What are the features of the Ecoterra Project?

All the features of the Ecoterra project are mentioned here:

  • Ecoterra is a company that uses blockchain technology to make recycling easier and encourage people to fight global warming and climate change.
  • Many big-name companies and individuals are taking action to slow down and reverse the effects of climate change.
  • Recycling is an important way to combat climate change, but it still presents challenges for many people.
  • Lack of knowledge about what items can be recycled is a common issue.
  • The majority of people who are unwilling to recycle cite reasons such as lack of convenient access, limited space for recycling bins, or not enough time to sort waste properly.
  • Ecoterra aims to address these challenges by educating the public about recycling through green education initiatives.
  • Ecoterra provides incentives for users to recycle by rewarding them with ecoterra tokens.
  • Users can earn tokens by following simple steps outlined in the Ecoterra app, in addition to receiving fiat money from reverse vending machines.
  • Ecoterra’s recycle-to-earn system (R2E) rewards users with tokens that can increase in value and be staked to earn dividends from Ecoterra’s revenue streams.
  • Ecoterra also aims to facilitate interactions between product companies and recycling companies to promote a circular product life cycle.
  • A marketplace will be created for product companies to buy raw materials from recycling companies and maximize their value by turning them into new products.
  • Another marketplace will allow conscious users, both individuals and businesses, to purchase verified carbon credits (VCUs) to offset their carbon emissions.
  • The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, instant transactions, and multiple means of payment (including fiat money, stablecoins, Bitcoin, and ecoterra).
  • Companies paying with ecoterra may enjoy benefits such as lower transaction fees and the opportunity to stake their tokens.


To buy ECOTERRA, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Start by setting up a crypto wallet that supports the Ethereum network. The Ecoterra website offers options like Coinbase wallet and Metamask, or you can choose another trusted wallet you already have.
  • Connect your chosen wallet to the Ecoterra presale through their dashboard. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet, either in ETH or USDT, before connecting.
  • Once your wallet is connected, proceed to purchase ECOTERRA. Select your preferred currency (Ethereum or Tether) and enter the amount of tokens you want to invest.
  • After the presale, you’ll be able to claim your ECOTERRA tokens during the token generation event. This is when you’ll gain access to the tokens you purchased, allowing you to benefit from the potential growth and value appreciation of ECOTERRA.

By following these steps, you can participate in the ECOTERRA presale and secure tokens at a discounted price.

Ecoterra Whitepaper PDF

Is ecoterra a Good Investment?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key advantages of the ecoterra project:

Unlimited Earning Potential

Ecoterra stands out among other new cryptocurrencies by introducing a completely new use case that offers users limitless earning potential.

Through recycling everyday materials and utilizing renewable energy sources, users can earn ECOTERRA tokens. Additionally, ecoterra’s team has plans to release a staking protocol in the future, allowing ECOTERRA holders to generate passive income.

Effortless Environmental Impact

One significant benefit of the ecoterra project is its ability to empower individuals and businesses to make a positive environmental impact with minimal effort.

The project achieves this through its carbon offset marketplace integrated into the ecoterra app. By simplifying the process, users can easily purchase carbon offsets directly within the app using ECOTERRA tokens, eliminating the need for personal capital.

Potential for Token Price Growth

Many anticipate that ecoterra could be the next cryptocurrency to experience explosive growth due to its vast potential. Being part of the Ethereum ecosystem opens up opportunities for ECOTERRA tokens to be integrated into other decentralized applications (dApps) in the future.

Even without integration, once the presale ends and the token is listed on major exchanges, it is expected to generate significant demand. Presale investors have the flexibility to sell their tokens whenever they choose since there is no fixed vesting period.

Unique Position in the Crypto Market

Ecoterra holds a unique position in the crypto market, setting itself apart from other projects. Its distinctive use cases make it stand out and serve as its key selling point.

This uniqueness is likely to drive token demand. Moreover, the project’s roadmap includes plans to explore corporate partnerships, which adds credibility and increases the project’s overall value.

Ecoterra Roadmap(Ecoterra Price Action)

As mentioned earlier, ecoterra is currently in its presale phase, which allows the project to generate awareness and secure the necessary funds for a successful launch. During this phase, interested investors can purchase ecoterra tokens exclusively through the official website using ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card.

The investment amount is flexible, with no minimum or maximum limit, making it accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

Source:Ecoterra whitepaper

The presale for ecoterra is divided into nine distinct stages, each with a portion of the total token allocation ranging from 10% to 20%.

It’s important to note that the token price varies across these stages. The initial stage, Stage 1, offers the lowest token price at $0.004, while Stage 9, the final stage, has the highest price set at $0.01, which is 150% higher than the first stage.

Currently, the presale is in Stage 7, where ecoterra tokens are available for purchase at $0.0085. This means that investors at this stage still have an opportunity to gain a 17.6% advantage compared to those who wait for later stages.

What is the total market cap of Ecoterra?

The overall supply of ecoterra tokens is set at two billion, with half of the supply reserved specifically for early investors during the presale phase.

Ecoterra cryptocurrency tokenomics pie chart
Source:Ecoterra whitepaper

This approach ensures that a significant portion of the newly minted ECOTERRA tokens is in the hands of those who support the project early on, thus minimizing the risk of manipulation or sudden drops in value.

Furthermore, only 5% of the total token supply has been allocated for the development team, while the rest will be utilized for various essential purposes such as marketing, maintaining liquidity, and securing listings on exchanges.

Lastly, ecoterra has established a soft cap of $2 million as the minimum fundraising target to sustain the project’s development, and this milestone has already been surpassed. However, the hard cap has been set at $6.7 million, which represents the maximum amount of funds that the presale phase can generate.

Ecoterra Price Forecast

Ecoterra, a highly eco-friendly crypto project set to launch this year, is poised for remarkable growth. While the development team hasn’t determined the listing price yet, early investors will likely see a substantial increase in value before exchange listings.

Recent data from CoinMarketCap indicates a steady rise in crypto trading volume since March, suggesting a positive outlook for ecoterra’s price prediction. However, it’s challenging to predict the exact trajectory of the ECOTERRA token once listed.

Nonetheless, considering the significant returns experienced by successful presale projects like Tamadoge and Lucky Block, there is potential for ecoterra to follow a similar path and generate substantial profits for investors.

So, Will Ecoterra Cryptocurrency listing will be a huge success?

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide delves deep into the ecoterra crypto project and provides detailed information on how investors can participate in the ongoing presale phase.

Currently, Stage 7 of ecoterra’s presale is still in progress, presenting a unique opportunity for investors to purchase ECOTERRA tokens at a remarkably low price of $0.0085. This price is the lowest it will ever be offered, as it is set to increase by an additional 17.6% during the final presale stage.

At the time of writing, over $4.1 million has already been invested in the project over a span of seven weeks. During the presale, there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum investment amount, and once it concludes, there will be no vesting period required.

The eco-friendly applications of ecoterra and its innovative earnings protocols have garnered significant attention within the investment community. Speculation is rife that this presale could potentially become one of the largest crypto events of 2023.

Is ecoterra a good investment?

Numerous experts in the market are optimistic about ecoterra as an investment opportunity, primarily because of its innovative approach to encouraging recycling among individuals and businesses.

Additionally, ecoterra’s utilization of NFTs adds a thrilling element by enabling users to proudly display their environmental contributions, fostering a strong sense of community within the project.

What is the total supply of ecoterra tokens?

There are a grand total of two billion ecoterra tokens available. Out of these, one billion tokens have been thoughtfully allocated for presale investors, while the other billion tokens will be utilized for important aspects like exchange listings, liquidity, and marketing efforts.

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