How to get a tax id number?(For 2023)

You must first complete an online IRS form to get a business identification number. In order for this to happen, you must provide all the necessary information. In this article, we will discuss how to get a tax id number and various other aspects of a tax id number. You can get a tax id number by following the below-mentioned very easy steps.

  • Step 1. Register Your Business With Your State
    • First thing that you should do is to register your business in the state where your business is based.
    • Make sure to provide all the information asked in the form, i.e your legal name, address and the state where your business is registered.
    • If you are a sole proprietor, then you can still get a tax ID number if your business is registered as a DBA.
  • Step 2. Gather Necessary Information
    • Before you start working on the IRS form, it’s important that you have all the necessary information about the company owner. Keep ready the following details:
      • Name of the business
      • Name of the person responsible for the business
      • Personal tax identification number of the individual responsible for the business
      • Business mailing address
      • Type of business entity
      • State registered in
      • Date the business was legally formed
      • Number of employees you expect to be on the payroll in the next 12 months
      • Date you started paying wages, if any
      • Type of business entity
      • You must be a US-based business to be eligible for an IRS-issued tax identification number. Individuals also need to have a valid tax identification number in order to work with the agency.
  • Step 3. Submit Your Application
    • You can begin filling out the IRS form online by validating your information. Once your information has been verified, you can then submit the application and receive your tax identification number. You can also download, print, or save the PDF document that contains your new number.

Who needs a tax ID number?

If you’re a sole proprietor and your business doesn’t have employees, then you don’t need a tax identification number. However, if you’re a sole proprietor and filing excise or pension tax returns, you need an EIN.

In certain cases, you may also need to obtain a new EIN which are given below:

  • An existing business can be purchased or inherited by the owner, who then plans to run it as an individual.
  • Individual owner dies, and business is taken over by the estate
  • Business changes from a corporation to a partnership or sole proprietorship
  • Business changes from a sole proprietorship to a corporation or partnership
  • Business changes from a partnership to a corporation or sole proprietorship

Is an EIN the same as a tax ID?

An EIN is a special identification number issued by the federal government to businesses and certain trusts and estates. It’s used as a way to identify them for various purposes, including reporting income on the required Form 1041.

Is it easy to get a tax ID number?

The process for getting an EIN is simple and fast for online applicants. Businesses in the US or territories can also be eligible if they have a valid Social Security number or other government-issued identification number.

Follow the below four very easy steps to apply for an EIN

  • You can get an EIN through the IRS’s website, where you can answer questions about your business. After the information has been validated, the EIN will be issued to your business.
  • You can also get an EIN by completing the SS-4 form, which is a single-page document that can be faxed or mailed to the IRS.
  • For international applicants, the IRS can be reached by calling 267-941-1099.
  • Your banker or accountant can help you get an EIN. Financial professionals can also help with the process.

What is the purpose of a tax ID?

When starting a business, obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is crucial.

This number serves as a unique identifier for the company and is required for various purposes, such as paying employees, receiving benefits, and filing taxes.

Essentially, an EIN is a necessary tool for running a legitimate and compliant business.

Federal tax ID number versus EIN

As a business owner, you might have come across the terms EIN, federal tax ID, and FEIN, and wondered if they mean the same thing.

Well, they do! These terms refer to a distinctive identification number that is issued by the IRS to businesses for tax purposes.

Though the terminology can be perplexing, the fundamental purpose of these numbers is to guarantee that businesses abide by their tax responsibilities.

What are the benefits of a tax ID number?

Even if you’re not required to get an EIN, it’s still important to have one to separate your personal and business lives. Having one can help minimize your risk of getting sued and simplify your bookkeeping and accounting. The following are the benefits of getting a tax ID number:

  • File business taxes and avoid tax penalties
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Add credibility as a freelancer or independent contractor
  • Speed up business loan applications
  • Open a business bank account
  • Build trust with vendors
  • Establish business credit
  • Easily hire employees
  • Get more options as an overseas entrepreneur

Does your EIN ever change?

After you receive your EIN from the Internal Revenue Service, it’s immediately effective. You can use it to open a bank account, apply for loans, or provide invoices to vendors. In most cases, the EIN will remain with your business throughout the years.

If your business’ structure or ownership changes, then you’ll need to get a new EIN. This usually applies to if you’re a sole proprietorship or if you’re planning on bringing a partner on board. On the other hand, minor changes, such as changing the name of your business or establishing a new location, don’t require a new TIN.

If you lose or misplace your business EIN, don’t worry. The IRS can help you find it on old tax documents or by calling them directly.


Getting a tax identification number for a business is relatively easy, as it can be done online in just a couple of minutes. Although most businesses are required to get one, sole proprietorships can opt out.

If you’re still not sure about how to manage your tax obligations after getting a tax ID number, then consider using a small-business software program that can help you.

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Do you need an EIN to run a business?

Although it’s not mandatory to have an EIN or employee number to run a business, you will still need one to open a bank account and hire workers. Understanding the various requirements of starting a business can help you make informed decisions.

How much does it cost to get a tax ID number from the IRS?

It costs nothing.

Is an EIN the same as a tax ID?

An EIN is a generic tax ID number that can be used by businesses to manage their taxes. It is only used for businesses, and it falls under the category of a tax ID number. You can learn more about how to get one here.

Where can I get a tax ID number for my business?

You have to apply for tax ID on the IRS website.

Is tax ID and EIN the same?

The IRS issues a nine-digit number for tax identification. There are also different names for these numbers, such as “95 numbers,” “E.I.N.,” and “I.D.” These are used to refer to the same number.

How do I get a California tax ID number?

You can get an EIN by filling out a Form SS-4, which can be done online, by mail, or by fax. The fee for this procedure is waived if you use the online method.

What is a tax ID number for LLC?

When establishing a limited liability company, you’ll need an EIN or federal tax ID number to file for tax purposes. An IRS number is similar to that of a Social Security number.

Is EIN the same as California tax ID?

The IRS issues California EINs to various businesses. It’s a unique identification number that’s similar to a social security number.

Is EIN only for business?

An EIN is a unique nine-digit number that the IRS uses to identify your business. It’s similar to your Social Security Number but only used for businesses.

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