How to win crypto royale? (3rd trick will shock you)

The browser game Crypto Royale is simple to play and challenging to master. It features two players facing off in a battle for supremacy, with each player having a unique power and size that they can use to mercilessly kill their opponents. The game lasts about five to ten seconds. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to understand how to win crypto royale apart from lots and lots of practice. Keep on reading to get your hands on the best tips.

How to win crypto royale?

One of the easiest ways to earn crypto is through a browser game known as Crypto Royale. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t require any software or hardware. The graphics and gameplay are simple, and it’s very easy to understand. You only need a computer and a MetaMask wallet.

Although it’s very easy to play, it’s still very challenging to master. This is why I’m sharing some of my tips for new players who want to improve their skills and earn more ROY Tokens. Follow these easy tips to win crypto royale like it’s a piece of cake:

  • Remember to keep your ultimate goal in mind while playing Crypto Royale. If you find yourself reading about the game on various platforms, chances are you’re interested in the monetary rewards it offers. This guide aims to assist you in achieving success in the game and maximizing your time investment. Unlike typical games, winning isn’t the only way to earn ROY; even players who secure second, third, or fourth place, as well as those who compete against stronger opponents, have a chance to win rewards.
  • To increase your chances of earning ROY in Crypto Royale, it’s crucial to stay in the game for as long as possible. Unlike other games where being the last person standing matters, adopting a passive approach can be advantageous here.
  • When playing at lower ranks, avoid engaging in fights unnecessarily, as it can expose you to other players and increase the risk of early elimination. Instead, take advantage of situations where others are fighting by positioning yourself in a safe location. Alternatively, you can target vulnerable players and eliminate them. To draw less attention, use boost sparingly and try not to stand out.
  • Strategic gameplay involves zoning your opponents out. As the game progresses, the safe zone shrinks while the dark zones expand. Staying in the dark zone reduces your health and compels you to collect more boxes for survival. In lower levels, staying in the dark zone can be a good strategy to prevent others from getting hurt and exposing yourself to players with similar abilities. This is particularly effective against less experienced players who might make fatal mistakes.
  • Understanding the colors and collision rules is essential. Over time, you’ll naturally become better at recognizing your colors, enabling you to make quicker decisions. A useful tactic is to position yourself near a box that is a weaker color than yours, like yellow, to lure your opponent into attacking you. After they make their move, swiftly switch colors, catching them off guard and gaining an advantage.

How do I cash out Crypto Royale?

Crypto Royale does not currently support deposits. Players are advised to ensure they have enough funds to secure a spot in the staked games or risk being unable to participate.

Deposits will be enabled in a few days. If you are unable to withdraw, your balance will remain the same. Occasionally, if multiple people attempt to withdraw simultaneously, the balance may decrease. Please try again later.

What is the Harmony One Faucet? (ROY)

The Harmony One Faucet is designed to give back to the community and attract new users to the currency. To begin, you need to win a few games to receive your reward.

Once you have reached the maximum limit of 20 points, you can convert your ROY into the Harmony One currency. If you require additional ROY for the exchange, you can utilize SUshiswap.

Crypto royale multiplayer game

How does crypto royale work?

In the game Crypto Royale, each color possesses a specific strength or weakness against another color, creating a strategic rock-paper-style system.

Players can identify potential threats by observing the edges of their avatars, which indicate their ability to deal damage. When a player’s HP drops to 25, they lose their ability to boost and become extremely vulnerable. This critical state is symbolized by an “E” in their avatar.

Starting with 100 HP, players can collect colored pips scattered across the field to increase their health. These shimmering orbs not only restore HP but also contain a lucky box that grants a small ROY bounty. If a player eliminates another player, they receive a lucky box containing the defeated player’s letter, which is considerably more valuable.

To switch between playing on mobile and desktop, simply click or tap the “boost speed” button on the desktop version. When encountering a player capable of dealing damage, players can absorb 50% of their HP and health.

As the game progresses, a dark zone known as The Darkness begins to encroach upon the central play area. Any player caught within this zone gradually loses HP until they reach the circle in the middle.

What are the spikes in the game Crypto royale?

These are not upgrades or equipment but visual representations of danger. They can appear for you whenever an opponent has a higher color or the same color but less HP than you.

Your opponents will see varying distributions of these orbs based on what they are most vulnerable to, and if you do not see spikes on them, your opponents will see them. If you accidentally touch someone with spikes, they will gain 50% of your HP, while you will lose 50%.

How does the crypto royale rating system work?

Unlike the discord rating, which is based on the planet roles question, the player rating is computed using the ELO system.

The higher an individual’s ELO number, the more they are considered skilled, and their ranking goes up if they beat a higher-ranking player. Conversely, if they lose to a lower-ranking opponent, their ranking goes down.

So, How to win crypto royale?

These are some of the tips that I hope will help you win more games. If you would like to share more tips, please do so in the comments section.

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What is Royale(ROY)?

Royale is a HRC-20 token and is used in Crypto Royale, a browser-based game. It has a maximum supply of 400 million ROYs and can be held in the game’s wallet or in MetaMask.

How do I stake my ROY?

Stake rewards will be awarded automatically if you leave your ROY behind in the MetaMask in-game wallet. You can also earn them by connecting your MetaMask account to the game page and taking advantage of the “Stake” feature. Once you reach a certain number of ROY, you will be able to receive staking rewards daily. You must have at least 56 ROY to start receiving them.

What is the ROY contract address?

Add the ROY token in your MetaMask wallet.
ROY contract address is: 0xfe1b516A7297eb03229A8B5AfAD80703911E81cB

How do I withdraw my ROY?

To withdraw ROY, go to the “Withdraw” button and enter the amount and your one address. The minimum amount required is 1.

How do I chat in the game?

To chat on a PC, you can do so by hitting the “ENTER” key or “Return” button, and then typing in your message. You can also use the speech-to text feature on Chrome. Unfortunately, the mobile version of the game doesn’t support chat.

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