Shalimar production share price target 2025(Back with a Bang??)

In this article, we will talk in-depth about Shalimar Production share price target 2025, and 2030 by looking at the historical charts. I will take you through the steps and research by which we will come to a conclusion about where we can see Shalimar Production’s share price in the next few years.

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Shalimar production share price target 2025(Back with a Bang??)
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What is the future prediction of Shalimar production share?

Future prediction of Shalimar Production share is just that a prediction and you should not rely solely rely on predictions by so called share market Gurus.

Always make sure that you understand the process and do your own research when you have to enter any stock as it is your hard earned money and do not blindly follow thos who give you a buy call on penny stocks without explaining the criteria which lead them to the conclusion to give a buy call.

Keep on reading if you want to understand how the company Shalimar Production’s share price will grow in the coming years.

We will take the help of Candle stick charts on daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes and see what we can expect from the same.

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What is the profile of Shalimar production Company?

Shalimar Production was incorporated in 1985, initially, it was known as Shalimar Agro Products Limited then the name was changed to Shalimar Productions Limited. It has headquarters in Mumbai and it is a big Media business house.

The main work of the company is the production of films and it has produced numerous regional movies and albums. The company is listed on BSE.

Is Shalimar production debt free?

Shalimar Production is a debt-free company and has a Debt to Equity ratio of 0.00 as of 2023.

PBDIT Margin (%)6.09
PBIT Margin (%)3.32
PBT Margin (%)3.32
Net Profit Margin (%)3.32
Return on Networth / Equity (%)0.07
Return on Capital Employed (%)0.06
Return on Assets (%)0.06
Total Debt/Equity (X)0.00
Asset Turnover Ratio (%)0.02

Basic EPS (Rs.)0.00
Diluted EPS (Rs.)0.00
Cash EPS (Rs.)0.00
Book Value [ExclRevalReserve]/Share (Rs.)1.04
Book Value [InclRevalReserve]/Share (Rs.)1.04
Dividend / Share(Rs.)0.00
Revenue from Operations/Share (Rs.)0.08
PBDIT/Share (Rs.)0.00
PBIT/Share (Rs.)0.00
PBT/Share (Rs.)0.00
Net Profit/Share (Rs.)0.00

As you can see although it is a net debt-free company but still it is not a very great stock pick.

So my suggestion will be to stay away from such stocks where promoter holding itself is only around 6%.

Can I buy Shalimar production share?

Yes you can buy Shalimar production’s share as it is a freely traded share on the stock exchange.

But the real question is should you buy Shalimar Production shares?

Let us understand that by going through the charts as fundamentally it is not a good buy. There are various companies that are a lot more lucrative than Shalimar.

If you are tempted by the low share price of the company then understand low can go lower if it is not a good company. It is always advisable to invest in a good sound company with good promoters.

Who is the owner of Shalimar production?

Following are the promoters of Shalimar Production company:

Tilokchand KothariChairman & Executive Director
Madhu Bala VaishnavNon Exe. & Ind. Director
Sanjay RajakNon Exe. & Ind. Director
Vikramjit Singh GillExecutive Director & CFO
Kuldeep KumarNon Exe. & Ind. Director
Kailash Ram Gopal ChapparwalNon Exe. & Ind. Director

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Daily Chart

Stock price is trading below 50days EMA. The first resistance the stock has to cross is 50 days EMA with good volumes. Presently the share price is at 0.49 rupees.

Once the share price crosses 50days Ema the first major resistance is at 0.53 as the stock has reversed twice from this point.

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Daily Chart

After crossing the resistance 1, the second resistance is at 61.8% of fibbonaci retracement which is around 0.75 rupee.

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Weekly Chart

When we look at chart on a larger time frame things are a bit clearer now and we can make better prediction of Shalimar production share price target 2025.

Price is below 50 EMA which is not a good sign. The very first resistance is to cross 50 EMA. After that the nearest resistance where buyers might be beaten by sellers are around 1.10 to 1.15.

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Weekly Chart

Once the price crosses this hurdle, the next resistance is at 3.25 rupee. After the price crosses this price it will straight touch 4.10 which is the 61.8% retracement.

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Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Monthly Chart

Monthly resistances of the stock almost coincides with the weekly share price of Shalimar production’s resistances.

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per monthly chart is same to that of weekly prediction. The stock has to cross 50 EMA and then the first major resistance is at 1.10 to 1.15 after which it has a resistance at 3.25 to 3.3 rupee.

Shalimar production share price target 2025 as per Monthly Chart

So, What is Shalimar production share price target 2025

After going through the charts and looking at the company both fundamentally and technically I can come to conclusion that Shalimar Productions is not an Ideal choice to invest your hard earned money into.

But still if you want to invest into it, then you have to wait for a price crossover above 50EMA with volume. Then you can expect the price to double in a few days. Overall there are many resistances for the stock.

To break those resistances the stock needs to do something phenomenal.

The most aggressive target is 4rupees which is only possible once the share crosses 50EMA and also breaks resistances. So enjoy investing and read more such case studies on the Fuelcoin.

On fuelcoin we try to make investors like you more informed and build a like minded community where we help each other. You can join our social media platforms from the links given in the author section.


Is Shalimar production debt free?

Yes, Shalimar production is debt free as of 2023.

Is it good to invest in debt free company?

Yes, investing in a debt free company is considered good. But it is not the only criteria which you should consider when it comes to investing in a debt free company.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and is only for educational purposes. Please consult your financial advisor before making any decision. Stock Market investments are subject to market risk. 

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