Which are the top 10 banks in America?

Looking for the top 10 banks in America? Check out our comprehensive list of the best banks in the United States, based on factors such as customer service, convenience, and financial stability. Find the bank that’s right for you and start banking with confidence today.

photo of chase bank and a question which are the top 10 banks in America?

The United States has a large number of banks – over 5,000 institutions that are FDIC-insured.

While local banks and credit unions have their advantages, many people prefer nationwide banks because of their convenience, comprehensive customer service, and the sense of security they provide.

However, with so many choices available, it can be challenging to determine which bank is the right fit for you.

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Chase Bank: Best Bank Bonuses

Chase Bank is a highly regarded national bank in the United States, widely favored for its extensive branch and ATM network of over 4,700 and 16,000 respectively.

Their user-friendly mobile application enables customers to easily navigate their accounts, which can be consolidated in one location due to their wide array of services.

While Chase’s rates may not be the most competitive in the market, they make up for it with the convenience of a broad range of products that meet their customers’ needs.

Moreover, the bank is well-known for its lucrative bonuses and perks for both banking and credit card customers.

Chase frequently offers sign-up bonuses that are accessible nationwide for new customers opening accounts. Additionally, the bank is highly regarded for its credit card sign-up bonuses and the extensive selection of credit card products available.

Number of Branches:4,700+
Number of ATMs:16,000
Interest on Savings:0.01% APY
Interest on Checking:0.01% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:678 (Second Place and +15 points compared to 2021!)
BBB Grade:A+
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 4.8M ratings
Google Play:4.4 based on 1.8M ratings

US Bank: Best for Low Fees

U.S. Bank is a reliable bank that operates in the West and Midwest regions of the United States with a significant presence in California.

They provide round-the-clock phone support to ensure customers can easily reach them whenever they encounter any issues.

While they don’t have a strong presence on the East Coast except for Florida and North Carolina, their highly-rated mobile app makes banking with them a convenient and enjoyable experience.

U.S. Bank offers a range of account options, including savings and checking accounts, as well as specialty CDs like the Step Up CD and the Trade Up CD.

They recently simplified their lineup, reducing their checking and savings account options to just one each, and also lowered their monthly fees. For instance, the U.S. Bank Smartly™ Checking account is now just $6.95 per month, which can be waived by meeting certain requirements.

Additionally, they offer competitive CD rates that are higher than most other big banks like Chase.

Overall, U.S. Bank is a great choice for customers who value simplicity, convenience, and high-interest rates on CDs.

Number of Branches:2,200+
Number of ATMs:4,700
Interest on Savings:0.01% APY
Interest on Checking:0.01% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:652
BBB Grade:A+
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 1.4M ratings
Google Play:4.7 based on 360k ratings

Citi: Best for Savings

Citibank N.A., which is one of the four largest banks in the US, stands out for offering the highest APY on personal savings accounts.

With a standard APY of 3.85%, their Citi® Accelerate Savings account only requires a minimum balance of $1 to start earning it.

However, this account is only available in select markets where Citibank operates, mostly in major cities across the US.

Citibank is based in New York City and has many branches in urban areas, making it a convenient option for city dwellers. Similar to Chase, Citibank also provides sign-up bonuses for its customers almost year-round.

What sets Citibank promotions apart is that they are often tiered. Although the requirements for the promotions are typically low, the bank rewards customers with thousands of dollars if they can fulfill the highest terms, which usually entail a significant deposit.

Number of Branches:961
Number of ATMs:60,000
Interest on Savings:3.85% APY
Interest on Checking:0.03% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:647 (+16 points compared to 2020)
BBB Grade:F
Apple iOS:4.9 based on 3.4M ratings
Google Play:4.8 based on 970k ratings

Discover Bank: Best Cash Back

Capital One is a digital bank that also has physical branch locations in some parts of the US. Its personal finance platform offers various account options, credit cards, and investment products.

According to the J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Study, Capital One ranked first due to low fees, high APYs, and an easy-to-use online banking experience.

To compensate for its limited number of branches, Capital One has established more than 40 cafes across the country that are open to both customers and non-customers.

Capital One debit or credit cardholders receive a 50% discount on beverages and have access to Ambassadors and Money & Life Mentors who can provide confidential and free mentoring.

The cafes also offer free wifi, charging stations, and semi-private spaces for collaboration. Additionally, Capital One has teamed up with CVS to provide customers with convenient cash deposits using the app’s Add Cash in Store feature.

Customers can deposit up to $999 cash each day at any CVS location but are limited to five transactions per month. The process is straightforward: customers can sign in to the app, show the barcode to the cashier at CVS, and receive an instant confirmation.

Number of Branches:325
Number of ATMs:70,000
Interest on Savings:3.50% APY
Interest on Checking:0.10% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:694 (First Place!)
BBB Grade:A
Apple iOS:4.9 based on 6.8M ratings
Google Play:4.6 based on 1.4M ratings

PNC Bank: Best Banking Bundle

PNC Bank, a prominent national bank with over 2,300 locations across 21 states, recently acquired BBVA to expand its reach in previously underserved markets.

One of PNC’s notable products is Virtual Wallet, which combines checking, short-term savings, and long-term savings accounts. Spend, the checking account, has no monthly fees or minimum deposit requirements.

Reserve, the short-term savings account, offers a low APY and is designed for emergency funds or future expenses. Growth, the long-term savings account, used to have a competitive rate, but now only earns up to 0.03% for balances over $2,500, even with Relationship Rate requirements.

Nonetheless, PNC offers sign-up bonuses for new Virtual Wallet accounts, and it remains to be seen how ongoing Federal Reserve rate hikes will affect the interest rates.

Number of Branches:2,700
Number of ATMs:18,000
Interest on Savings:3.50% APY
Interest on Checking:up to 0.05% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:658 (-26 points compared to 2021)
BBB Grade:A+
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 1.3M ratings
Google Play:4.5 based on 225k ratings

Capital One: Best Customer Satisfaction

Capital One is an online bank that also has some branch locations in certain parts of the United States.

Their personal finance platform offers a variety of account options, credit cards, and investment products, and they received the top score in the J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Study.

They also have unique features to overcome their limited branch network, such as Capital One Cafes, which offer discounts on beverages, access to ambassadors and mentors, and traditional cafe amenities.

Additionally, customers can conveniently deposit cash at any CVS location using their mobile app. Overall, Capital One provides a user-friendly banking experience with low fees and high APYs.

Number of Branches:325
Number of ATMs:70,000
Interest on Savings:3.50% APY
Interest on Checking:0.10% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:694 (First Place!)
BBB Grade:A
Apple iOS:4.9 based on 6.8M ratings
Google Play:4.6 based on 1.4M ratings

Bank of America: Best Online Banking

Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the US, came into being in 1998 when NationsBank and BankAmerica merged.

With a market share of more than 10%, it has a wide reach, serving a significant portion of American depositors through its 4,100 physical branches and 17,000+ ATMs.

Offering a comprehensive range of banking services, BoA is focused on catering to all your banking needs. BoA’s commitment to providing a seamless banking experience is reflected in its highly-rated mobile app, which ranked first in J.D. Power’s 2021 Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study.

The bank also boasts a large team of customer service representatives available through phone, Twitter, and online chat, seven days a week.

Number of Branches:4,100+
Number of ATMs:17,000
Interest on Savings:up to 0.04% APY
Interest on Checking:up to 0.02% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:641
BBB Grade:A+
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 4.1M ratings
Google Play:4.6 based on 1M ratings

TD Bank: Best Customer Service

TD Bank prides itself on being “America’s Most Convenient Bank” and this claim is not unfounded. In fact, it has been rated as the top national bank for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power in 2019.

Convenience, branch service, and online banking satisfaction were among the areas where TD Bank outshone its competitors.

With over 1,100 locations, most of which are open seven days a week with more flexible hours than other major national banks, TD Bank truly lives up to its reputation for being convenient.

It’s important to note that TD Bank operates solely on the East Coast of the United States.

Number of Branches:1,100+
Number of ATMs:700
Interest on Savings:up to 0.05% APY
Interest on Checking:No
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:663
BBB Grade:B+
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 250k ratings
Google Play:4.3 based on 85k ratings

Wells Fargo: Best for In-Person Banking

Wells Fargo was once known for having the most physical bank branches in the country, providing a traditional banking experience with tellers and advisors.

However, in recent years, they’ve closed many branches and focused on their mobile banking platform, which has seen improvements in customer experience through enhanced technology.

As one of the “Big Four” American national banks, Wells Fargo manages more money than anyone else, but this comes at a cost with higher account fees and lower interest rates.

Their offerings are comprehensive, covering bank accounts, credit cards, loans, retirement planning, and wealth management services, but are standard for a big bank.

To counteract negative publicity from recent scandals, Wells Fargo has introduced several consumer-friendly policies, such as eliminating NSF and overdraft transfer fees, providing an extra-day grace period for overdrafts, and an early payday feature that makes direct deposits available up to two days early.

Number of Branches:4,800+
Number of ATMs:12,000
Interest on Savings:up to 0.02% APY
Interest on Checking:0.01% APY
2022 J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Score:625 (-3 points compared to 2021)
BBB Grade:NR
Apple iOS:4.8 based on 7.8M ratings
Google Play:4.8 based on 2.0M ratings

Ally: Best Online Bank

In recent times, online banks have become more prevalent, with Ally Bank being consistently rated among the top options.

If you don’t require a physical location, then an online bank might be perfect for you.

The biggest advantage is that online banks have lower overhead costs, which often translates into higher interest rates and lower fees for customers.

Ally Bank is no exception to this trend and offers some of the most competitive Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) in the industry.

In addition, there are no monthly maintenance fees, nor any penalties for failing to meet a minimum balance.

Regarding cash withdrawals, Ally Bank doesn’t have its own ATMs. Instead, they offer free access to over 43,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide.

Additionally, they’ll reimburse you up to $10 per statement cycle for any fees charged by out-of-network ATMs.

The only real drawback to Ally is that making deposits can be a bit tricky. They don’t accept cash deposits, and checks must be deposited through their app or by mail.

So, if you don’t receive direct deposit from your employer or you’re paid in cash, you might want to explore more traditional banking options.

Number of Branches:0
Number of ATMs:43,000
Interest on Savings:3.75% APY
Interest on Checking:up to 0.25% APY
2022 J.D. Power Direct Banking Satisfaction Score:709 (Third Place!)
BBB Grade:C
Apple iOS:4.7 based on 55k ratings
Google Play:3.9 based on 25k ratings

How We Chose the Top 10 Banks in America?

We compiled a list of the Top 10 Banks in America by gathering extensive data on their account types, fees, interest rates, physical presence, online banking tech, BBB rating, and more.

To ensure the accuracy of our rankings, we also took into account customer reviews and satisfaction scores, including industry studies from J.D. Power.

Our list includes 10 excellent national banks, each with unique strengths, so it’s essential to consider your priorities when making a choice. Regardless of which bank you choose from our list, you can trust that your money will be safe and you’ll find suitable account offerings to meet your financial needs.


What are the top 5 banks in United States of America?

The five largest banks in the U.S., according to domestic assets, are Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank and U.S. Bank.

Which is the most powerful Bank of America?

JP Morgan Chase is the most powerful bank of America.

Is Wells Fargo a safe bank?

Yes, Wells Fargo is one of the best banks in the US. It is also insured by FDIC.

How many banks is in USA?

As of the end of 2022, there were more than 4,844 commercial banks with insurance coverage, as reported by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It’s important to note that this number is subject to change as the FDIC releases updated figures every year.

Are credit unions better than big banks?

Credit Unions: The Best Kept Secret in Banking

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