Which are the top 10 banks in Hawaii?

When it comes to banking in Hawaii, whether you’re on O’ahu, Maui, or The Big Island, finding the right bank can be a bit of a task. Keep on reading to get an overview of the top 10 banks in Hawaii.

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Top 10 banks in Hawaii(Hawaii skyline in background)

Compared to other states, Hawaii has limited banking options available. Therefore, it’s essential to have a good understanding of each bank and the services they provide in order to make an informed financial decision.

To assist you in your search for the best bank in Hawaii, we have compiled a list of the top banks in the state. By referring to this list, you can gain valuable insights into the different financial institutions and determine which aligns with your needs.

Below given are the top 10 banks in Hawaii

Bank NameSummary
Bank of HawaiiRecognized as the top big bank in Hawaii, it actively supports the local community and prioritizes assisting local entrepreneurs.
CIT BankA longstanding division of First Citizens Bank, it operates as an online bank, offering competitive APYs and a wide range of banking products.
Central Pacific BankCommitted to assisting immigrants and supporting communities, families, and small businesses with comprehensive banking solutions.
Hawaii National BankServing customers since 1960, it focuses on personal and business banking needs, offering modern technology-driven services.
HomeStreet BankWith a commitment to making a positive difference, it provides personalized banking experiences and valuable financial guidance.
First Hawaiian BankHawaii’s oldest and largest financial institution, it caters to individuals and businesses with a wide array of banking services.
Finance FactorsTrusted source of financial guidance in Hawaii for over 65 years, specializing in personal loans and financial services.
American Savings BankThe third largest bank in Hawaii, it offers a comprehensive range of accounts with a strong ATM network across the state.
First American TrustWith a heritage in fiduciary management, it specializes in finance and real estate services, prioritizing customer service and investment success.
Territorial Savings BankServing customers since 1921, it provides essential banking services and tailored solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii, recognized as the top big bank in Hawaii by Newsweek in 2022, has been actively supporting the local community since its establishment in 1897. The bank’s dedication shines through various avenues, including volunteer work, sponsorships, and fundraising initiatives.

Moreover, the Bank of Hawaii prioritizes assisting local entrepreneurs in developing thriving businesses, ensuring a prosperous future for upcoming generations.

While offering the normal range of banking products, the Bank of Hawaii strives to minimize fees or provide opportunities for customers to avoid them altogether. Additionally, customers can conveniently access home and personal loans alongside their regular banking needs, all within the same institution.

CIT Bank

CIT Bank is a longstanding division of First Citizens Bank, with a rich history spanning centuries. As an exclusively online bank, CIT Bank provides a wide range of convenient products and seamless access to funds. First Citizens Bank, its parent institution, ranks among the top 20 financial entities, boasting an impressive network of 600 branches across 22 states.

Bringing these advantages to the people of Hawaii, CIT Bank operates as a virtual bank, delivering competitive annual percentage yields (APYs) and minimizing fees. Customers can easily manage their finances through digital channels or, if they require cash deposits or withdrawals, conveniently utilize ATMs. With an array of offerings such as checking and savings accounts, money markets, certificates of deposit (CDs), and mortgage loans, CIT Bank strives to cater to diverse banking needs.

Central Pacific Bank

Established in 1954, Central Pacific Bank has been committed to assisting immigrants in constructing secure lives. Although their mission has evolved over time, their core values remain unchanged.

Today, Central Pacific Bank extends its support to communities, families, and small businesses, catering to their diverse financial requirements.

From deposit options to mortgages, loans, credit cards, and an extensive range of business banking services, they offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet various needs.

Hawaii National Bank

Hawaii National Bank has been serving customers with their personal and business banking requirements since 1960. Back then, it held the distinction of being the sole national bank in Hawaii.

Although other banks have since emerged, Hawaii National Bank remains committed to its original purpose of assisting the people of Hawaii.

With 11 branches under local ownership and management, Hawaii National Bank has embraced modern technology to offer customers the contemporary banking services demanded by today’s society.

Home Street Bank

HomeStreet Bank, established in 1921, stands out as an exceptional financial institution in Hawaii.

With a sincere commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of their clients and communities, they prioritize building genuine connections, upholding ethical standards, and offering valuable financial guidance.

As a comprehensive bank, their aim is to consistently deliver a personalized banking experience to each customer, ensuring satisfaction with every visit.

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First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank holds the distinction of being Hawaii’s oldest and largest financial institution, boasting an impressive history since its establishment in 1858.

It caters to both individuals and businesses, providing a wide array of banking services and specialized offerings for corporations. The bank’s extensive range of products encompasses everything from traditional deposit accounts to comprehensive investment solutions.

Customers find solace in the fact that First Hawaiian Bank is a one-stop destination for all their banking needs, with a dedicated focus on personalized service.

Whether it’s managing personal finances or handling complex business transactions, the bank ensures a seamless experience. Moreover, each bank account comes with its own set of exclusive advantages, such as opportunities to waive monthly service fees or enjoy savings on personal and home credit lines.

Finance Factors

With a legacy spanning over 65 years, Finance Factors has been a trusted source of financial guidance for residents of Hawaii.

They have assisted numerous individuals and families in realizing their financial dreams. Originating in 1952, a dedicated group of local families came together to establish a platform for personal loans tailored to the people of Hawaii.

Over time, this organization has grown to become the largest locally-owned financial services lending institution in the state.

American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank, the third largest financial institution in Hawaii, may have been founded in 1987, but it has swiftly garnered a strong following among locals. With a comprehensive range of checking, savings, CDs, and money market accounts, the bank has successfully established itself as a top choice in the state.

Its extensive ATM network across Hawaii ensures easy access for customers, while the majority of deposit accounts have low minimum balance requirements. Although certain fees accompany their accounts, the bank makes up for it by offering numerous advantages and perks to account holders.

First American Trust

At First American Trust, customers can rely on personalized care, impressive investment outcomes, and a committed team of financial professionals who strive for nothing short of excellence.

With a rich heritage in fiduciary management, they bring expertise in finance and real estate services, placing great importance on providing exceptional customer service and delivering successful investment results.

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Territorial Savings Bank

Territorial Savings Bank has proudly served customers since 1921, witnessing remarkable growth over the years. As a comprehensive banking institution, Territorial Savings Bank caters to the needs of individuals and small businesses alike.

With a wide range of offerings, Territorial Savings Bank provides all the essential services you would expect from a bank. These encompass various deposit options, investment opportunities, credit card services, mortgage loans, and tailored banking solutions for businesses.

So which are the top 10 banks in Hawaii?

Do you have a bank account in any of the above banks, if yes then do let us know which bank is the best in Hawaii according to you and why?

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What is the largest bank in Hawaii?

First Hawaiian, Inc., listed as FHB on NASDAQ, is a bank holding company based in the beautiful city of Honolulu, Hawai’i. Boasting a rich history dating back to 1858, its leading subsidiary, First Hawaiian Bank, proudly holds the title of Hawaii’s oldest and most prominent financial establishment.

What banks do they have in Honolulu?

Honolulu boasts a range of prominent institutions situated in its vicinity, including Bank of Hawaii, American Savings Bank, First Hawaiian Bank, Central Pacific Bank, and Territorial Savings Bank. With a remarkable history dating back over 150 years to its establishment in 1858, First Hawaiian Bank holds the distinction of being the oldest bank in the region.

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